June 22th, 2012:

Somehow, you've found yourself to the OLD, "no longer updated" version of the Twistworthy Records website. You should instead be looking at the new site - go there by clicking the link below!

Click here to go to the new Twistworthy Records site!


June 9th, 2012:

WEIRD PARTY "The Secret Lives Of Men" 7" EP OUT NOW

Ex-members of the FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS (Estrus Records, Frenchkiss Records, GSL Records) and SUGAR SHACK (Estrus Records) bring you 4 songs of punk rock damage! Imagine the terseness of the Guilloteens mixed with the rock'n roll riffage of the mighty Sugar Shack covered in a layer of heavy… and you might have something close to WEIRD PARTY. This four song EP won't disappoint.

Click here to listen via band camp!

Click here to order!


May 21st, 2012:


I'm proud and overjoyed to announce that the FLESH LIGHTS will be on the opening support slot with THE HIVES where noted below:

June 14 2012 - Houston, TX - Walters w/ Sleuth, Knights Of The Fire Kingdom, Lengua
June 15 2012 - New Orleans, LA - Sibera w/ Missing Monuments, Manatees, Guitar Lightning
June 16 2012 - Atlanta, GA - TBA
June 17 2012 - Chapel Hill, NC - Bull City Records w/ Ben from Last Years Men
June 19 2012 - Washington, DC – 9:30 Club w/ The HIVES, FIDLAR
June 20 2012 - Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory w/ The HIVES, FIDLAR
June 21 2012 - Asbury Park, NJ - TBA
June 22 2012 - New York, NY – Terminal 5 w/ The HIVES, FIDLAR
June 23 2012 - Boston, MA – House of Blues w/ The HIVES, FIDLAR
June 24 2012 - New York, NY - Fontana's - w/ Hector's Pets, Bobby Jealousy, Habibi, Shivery Shakes
June 25 2012 - Montreal, QC - Metropolis w/ The HIVES, FIDLAR
June 26 2012 - Toronto, ON – Sound Academy w/ The HIVES, FIDLAR
June 27 2012 - Pontiac, MI – Clutch Cargo w/ The HIVES, FIDLAR
June 28 2012 - Detroit, MI - TBA
June 29 2012 - Milwaukee, WI - Basement Show - w/ Nasa Space Universe + 2 more
June 30 2012 - Chicago, IL – The Vic w/ The HIVES, FIDLAR
July 1 2012 - Memphis, TN - Poplar Lounge w/ Modern Convience, Mouserocket
July 2 2012 - Denton, TX - TBA

Come out EARLY, and spread the word! If you can help out with any of these shows (meaning, the ones without the HIVES), please get in touch!


FLESH LIGHTS "Muscle Pop" CD version!!!

That's right, we're putting out "Muscle Pop" on CD. CD's are a dead format - trust me, I know this… but it's going to be damn cool regardless. They will be ready for the tour with THE HIVES, so look out for them! I'll add them to the website soon!


The Weird Party 7" and The Best 7" are going to be out soon! Just waiting for the vinyl to be pressed! Can't wait!! Along with these releases, I'll be launching the new Twistworthy Records webstore as well. SOON!


February 28th, 2012:

We're doing a SXSW show this year!! YES!

Twistworthy Records/Super Secret Records/Sick Thought Records present:


Flesh Lights (1am) (Twistworthy Records)
The Best (12:10am) (Twistworthy Records)
Nazi Gold (11:20pm) (Super Secret Records)
Serious Tracers (10:30pm) (Sick Thought Records)
Manikin (9:40pm) (Super Secret Records)
Come and Take It (8:50pm) (Twistworthy Records)
Ichi Ni San Shi (8pm) (Super Secret Records)
at Beerland!


If you're in town for SXSW this year, you better be there.


February 24th, 2012:

Lots of news happening here at Twistworthy HQ. I'm pleased to announce TWO new records coming out soon on TWISTWORTHY:

TW-13: WEIRD PARTY - "The Secret Lives Of Men" 7" EP

Weird Party are from Houston, and feature ex-members of the FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS (Estrus Records, Frenchkiss Records, GSL Records) and SUGAR SHACK (Estrus Records). Much like a slap in the face, or a kick in the crotch, WEIRD PARTY came out of the gates with the charge of a thousand knaves, resulting in their debut self-released 7" last year. Imagine the terseness of the Guilloteens mixed with the rock'n roll riffage of the mighty Sugar Shack covered in a layer of heavy… and you might have something close to WEIRD PARTY. This four song EP won't disappoint.

TW-14: THE BEST - "Black Triangle" b/w "King Of The Underground" 45rpm

Max Vandever (of the FLESH LIGHTS) and Orville Neeley (of THE OBN III's/BAD SPORTS) started writing songs together sometime in 2011 as they discovered they both had song ideas that didn't necessarily fit into the "sound" of their other bands. This resulted in the formation of THE BEST! Musically, THE BEST is more straight up rock 'n roll than their other bands, incorporating the catchiest power-pop hooks with ferocious rock tunes. In addition to Vandever (vocals/guitar) and Neeley (vocals/bass), the members also include Jason (guitar, also from THE OBN III's) and Caleb (drums, from the BAD LOVERS) to round out the band.

I'm shooting for both of these records to be out around the March/April timeframe. Both of these first pressings will be limited to 300 copies! More info SOON!


January 9th, 2012:


My dear friend Esme was murdered in her home after coming home from a NYE party here in Austin. It's been over a week ago and i'm still just as shocked and saddened by this as I was the second I heard the news. Her funeral is tomorrow in El Paso. Please donate any spare money to help her family pay for services and expenses here.


I just realized today that the frames on this very website have been out of whack for who knows how long, making the buttons be out of place and making the layout seem… well… just wrong. I just spent 3 hours fixing it, which leads me to the thought of that I would still REALLY love if someone wanted to design a new site for me. Get in touch.

And finally:

I am really, *REALLY* behind on my mail orders. If you have ordered anything in the last month or so, you haven't received it yet. I deeply apologize for this and will be catching up on everything tonight.

Thanks. Be decent to each other.


November 17th, 2011:

Green Day is playing a "secret" show in Austin tonight, and i've been asked to DJ! Tickets went on sale at noon and sold out in a matter of minutes. This is gonna be nuts. If anyone I know happens to get in, come say hello.


November 7th, 2011:

FLESH LIGHTS are going on tour with fellow friends The Dead Space! Come see them on the dates below if you live in one of these towns:

TUE Nov 8th - Dallas, TX @ Queen City

WED Nov 9th - Tulsa, OK @ Sound Pony

THU Nov 10th - Chicago, IL @ Burlington

FRI Nov 11th - NEED HELP!

SAT Nov 12th - Detroit, MI @ The Painted Lady

SUN Nov 13th - NEED HELP!

MON Nov 14th - Columbus, OH @ Carabar

TUE Nov 15th - Memphis, TN @ The Frame

WED Nov 16th - Norman, OK @ The Deli


September 27th, 2011:

Come And Take It is going on tour! Come see us! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies:

FRI Sept 30th - Dallas, TX @ Phoenix Project Collective (406 S. Haskell Blvd) w/ Plus More, Final Club, The Empty Dots

SAT Oct 1st - EARLY SHOW: Lubbock, TX @ Tour de Tech Event (2619 30th St) 7pm

SAT Oct 1st - LATE SHOW: Amarillo, TX @ The Church (7th and Harrison) w/ Four Days To Burn, Pagan Assassin, Cadillac To Mexico, The Insignificunts 10pm

SUN Oct 2nd - Flagstaff, AZ @ Cottage House (5 E. Cottage Ave) w/ Dragons, Shredface

MON Oct 3rd - Tempe, AZ @ The Meat Market Garment Factory (1724 W. 10th Place Suite #3) w/ The Ultramatics, Robot Repair (f. members of Rumspringer), Just Animals

TUES Oct 4th - Day off

WED Oct 5th - Bakersfield, CA @ Sandrini's (1918 Eye Street) w/ Trading Company

THUR Oct 6th - Fresno, CA @ The Bel-Tower (69 E. Belmont Ave. ) w/ Werebear, Small Stakes, Tyrannosaurus Zebra

FRI Oct 7th - San Jose, CA @ The Caravan Lounge (98 S. Almaden Ave) w/ Joe Q Citizen, Tire Swings

SAT Oct 8th - Pomona, CA @ VLHS w/ The Maxies, Pu$$y Cow, Dudes Night, Donny's Ashes

SUN Oct 9th - San Diego, CA @ Bar Eleven (3519 El Cajon Blvd) w/ The Regressions

MON Oct 10th - Tucson, AZ @ Skrappy's (191 E. Toole Ave) w/ The Vases, Red Pony Clock (CA), Complex Houses

TUES Oct 11th - Las Cruces, NM @ The Trainyard (102 W Conway Ave) w/ Peer Precious (MN), Shang-A-Lang

WEDS Oct 12th - Day off

THUR Oct 13th - Austin, TX @ Trailer Space Records w/ Peer Precious (MN), Hard Feelings (MN), The Restrooms

PLEASE NOTE: No orders will be shipping while i'm on tour. I'll ship everything when I get back!


September 16th, 2011:

FLESH LIGHTS "Muscle Pop" LP is out NOW!! Click here to order!

If you're in Austin, make sure you come to the record release show tonight at the 29th Street Ballroom:


August 29th, 2011:


For those who've pre-ordered, thanks! The records will be in my hands THIS WEEK!! The pressing plant fucked up because they apparently can't count, and so now the LP is LIMITED TO 487 COPIES (instead of 500). Pre-order it now and get it before anyone else!

The record release show is all set, and features 5 of the best punk bands in Texas:

Flesh Lights
Bad Sports
Dead Space
The Creamers(TX)
at The 29th Street Ballroom
2908 Fruth Street, 9pm

 Download link: Flesh Lights - "I'm A Monk" mp3

Limited to 487 numbered copies, includes mp3 download. Get one before it's too late!

Click here to pre-order!


July 2nd, 2011:

We are now taking pre-orders for the Flesh Lights "Muscle Pop" LP! Twelve songs of shit-hot powerpopgaragepunkrocknroll!

 Download link: Flesh Lights - "I'm A Monk" mp3

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, includes mp3 download. Get one before it's too late!

Click here to pre-order!


April 20th, 2011:

Here's some not so fun news: USPS raised their rates for many of their services as of April 17th, including "Package Services" and International Shipping. This essentially means that it's more expensive to ship things some things, like records. I haven't raised the postage paid price for my 7" records in many years, but this increase has forced the issue.

So, despite the fact that the ads i've run recent issues of MRR and Razorcake might say otherwise, 7" my prices are increasing as of today. Sucks, but there's nothing I can do.

On a better note, Flesh Lights get back from tour in a couple days just in time for this awesome show with Come And Take It, as well as our friends High Tension Wires, Air Traffic Controllers, and Bike Problems! Don't miss it if you're in town!


April 7th, 2011:

There's lots of exciting news here on the Twistworthy Records front! First and Foremost, I am excited to announce the next release on Twistworthy Records: FLESH LIGHTS full LP!! It's going to be called "Muscle Pop", and it is really fucking great. It's at the pressing plant as I write this, and i'm expecting test pressings soon… So i'll provide more info about that soon!!

Speaking of the Flesh Lights, they're about to go on a quick tour eastward! There are a few dates still yet to be confirmed, but go check them out if you're in these places:




April 8th New Orleans, LA @ Siberia w/ Cowabunga Babes, Rayon Beach, & Die Rotz

April 9th hanging out in NOLA

April 10th hopefully Atlanta or Athens, GA - Help?

April 11th Asheville, NC @ The Get Down

April 12th Carrboro/Chapel Hill, NC @ All Day Records w/ Bunnybrains & E.C.

April 13th Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes

April 14th Philadelphia, PA @ JR's bar w/ Overnight Lows

April 15th Brooklyn @ Shea Stadium

April 16th Brooklyn, NY @ 285 Kent ave. w/ Pop. 1280 & Balkans

April 17th Clevland, OH @ Now Thats Class

April 18th Detroit, MI @ The Painted Lady w/ Sugarcoats & Surf City

April 19th waiting on confirmation - Help?

April 20th waiting on confirmation - Help?

April 21st waiting on confirmation - Help?

April 22nd waiting on confirmation - Help?

April 23rd Memphis, TN @ The Buccaneer


If anyone can help or need info, email fleshlightsaustin AT hotmail DOT com

Go see them, they rule.


December 17th, 2010:

The debut 7" by Come And Take It is FINALLY OUT! After months of delays, I couldn't be more happy to be holding this in my hand. Buy it where good records are sold, or directly from us HERE. Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies with digital download card included. YUSS.

The Flesh Lights 7" is moving quickly and all of the reviews have been great! Since the release of our little Flesh Lights record, their SECOND 7" has come out of THREAD PULL RECORDS, and it's highly recommended. Go pick up a copy of that one here.


September 1st, 2010:

The Flesh Lights debut 45rpm single, "You're A Stealer" b/w "He Got Sent Away" is *officially* being released this Friday September 3rd! To commemorate this event, we're having a little record release party at our favorite bar in town, Beerland:

The record is limited to 300 hand numbered copies and should move fast! Each record also includes a personalized hand-drawn insert containing various nuggets of wisdom from the band and various other contributors! And to up the ante even more, they all come with a digital download so you can easily put that shit on your mobile listening devices. Available now, $5ppd or available to stores & mail order from your favorite distributors eventually (Goner, No Idea, Revolver, etc). For those who enjoy purchasing mp3's online, the record is available via iTunes as well.


January 26th, 2010:

The Matador Records compilation "Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2010" is out NOW! In addition to a previously unreleased track from The No No No Hopes and a song from future Twistworthy Records band Flesh Lights, there are 17 other tracks of (mostly) Austin bands giving it their all. And honestly, it's a really great collection with some of my favorite Austin bands on it (Wild America, The Young, Golden Boys, Flesh Lights, etc). This should be available everywhere records are sold, on single CD or double LP vinyl. Check it out if you get a chance!


August 6th, 2009:

A couple of us from the No No No Hopes did a quick phone interview with Joe Gross from the Austin American Statesman last week, resulting in this nice write-up which was printed in the paper today!


August 1st, 2009:

The No No No Hopes 7" is out and being well received so far! It's limited to 300 copies so I wouldn't sleep on it if you want one. I am working on setting up a page on this site for ordering, linking to Paypal for ease all around, but haven't done it yet. In the meantime, the record can be ordered for $5ppd in the US, $6ppd in Canada/Mexico, or $7ppd elsewhere worldwide directly from TWISTWORTHY. Distros carrying it so far are only GONER RECORDS and NO IDEA RECORDS. If you can help with distro or want to do some kind of trade, please get in touch. If the digital medium is your thing, it's also available via iTunes, Amazon, and even eMusic I think? Weird.

Camp X-Ray has broken up. After 5 years (really?) and countless shows, it just seemed like it was time to lay this one to bed. The Camp X-Ray 7" is still available, but if you want some low-quality mp3's, i've just put up a bunch in the newly renovated "MP3's" section of this site, along with some other oldies. Ex-Camp X-Ray bands include The No No No Hopes and Shitty Carwash (who both have actually been an active band for many months, co-existing with CXR). Shitty Carwash may just have an upcoming release on TWISTWORTHY... stay tuned. I'll be adding more stuff to download to the mp3's section, so check back if you're still seeing a bunch missing.


May 30th, 2009:

New release on the TWISTWORTHY horizon: The No No No Hopes debut 7"!
Release date: July 1st, 2009!

The No No No Hopes continue to deliver the goods on their second release of primeval, raw, and unpretentious garage punk. Picking up where last summer's demo left off, the quartet, fueled by a steady diet of Jägerbombs and soy lattes, belt out five original songs as well as a cover of the classic Action Swingers single "Kicked In The Head" on their debut EP. Coming from the once fertile garage rock mecca of Austin Texas, fans of real-deal garage punk should take note as the band draw their roots from garage greats such as Supercharger, The Sonics, and The Mummies but keep their own flavor at the forefront.

Best known for their high energy live sets and often ridiculous onstage banter, The No No No Hopes spent much of the past year honing their craft, playing as supporting act for many touring bands while building a loyal fan base across Texas. Recorded at the world renowned Sweatbox Studios with legendary producer/engineer Mike Vasquez, these new songs are more polished than previous recordings but still retain the lo-fi, trashy edge the band is known for.


 Download link: The No No No Hopes - "Drink The Wine" mp3


July 18th, 2008:

The debut EP by the Austin TX band, Camp X-Ray, is out NOW! Camp X-Ray is a 5-piece post-punk band from Austin, Texas that formed in 2004. Having culled their sound influenced by bands like Drive Like Jehu, The Wipers, and Sonic Youth mixed with a general underlying inspiration from the discordant post-punk sound of the mid-90's, Camp X-Ray's driving guitars, strained vocals and a sold rhythm section have gained the band a loyal fan base throughout Texas.


 Download link: Camp X-Ray - "Quicksand" mp3


New Band Alert: The No No No Hopes!

The No No No Hopes have recorded a demo which is available to download here, for FREE! 6 Songs of garage punk rock'n'roll!


 Download link: The No No No Hopes - 6 Song demo


April 2008:

After a long hibernation, Twistworthy Records returns from the dead! The first release in 9 years on Twistworthy brings the 7" by the Austin TX band CAMP X-RAY.



A call for help: Who wants to help with the redesign of this website? Get in touch! I don't know html at all, and what you're looking at now was painstakingly put together through hours of trial and error. Please, I need your help.


Check back to this site as I plan on keep adding new stuff regularly!